Small bikes, big following..!

During 2018 I eventually got fed up with motorcycle politics amongst friends and bike clubs. I believe ride what you want to ride and don’t let others dictate or influence your bike choices. In February 2019 the GFOSB facebook group was created aimed at promoting all bikes under 250cc to come together and share the passion for all things two wheels. All were welcome. The group was to be fun and free of negativity towards certain bikes and brands that you encounter elsewhere. I wanted to lose the stigma associated with riding a smaller bike and create a place to share rides, stories and meet like minded people. It became apparent rather quickly that many small bikers were out there all around the world. Many of which shared the same interests of travel, fun and adventure. Some chose round the world trips, other enjoyed a Sunday ride and a tinker in the garage with their show moped.

“If someone says you can’t do it. Do it twice and take pictures!”

– from the internet

Just over 10 months in and the group has fast approaching 5000 members from all around the world. Including some celebrities among the small bike world too!

I had already heard of Ed March. If Iam honest he totally inspired me after watching his you tube videos of C90 travel to move into smaller bikes myself. So much so that I am off to the German winter Elefant rally in Jan 2020 on my 250 Honda. Ed dosen’t care what others think and lives his life exactly the way he wants to.

I met Bob Dibble on the group, a legend in small bike travel around the world on his post bike sidecar outfit. He’s now designing a new rig for another adventure and I enjoy seeing the progress. It is totally inspiring…

Nathan Milward, who rode “Dorothy” his postie bike home from OZ is often sharing advice and tips online. I now follow many others who are living my dreams! I hope to tick some things off my bucket list too over the coming years.

It is fantastic to see the group growing day by day and all these people out enjoying riding small bikes. If you’re a facebook user and haven’t already, pop along and enjoy the Facebook group. If not, follow GFOSB here for regular updates.

Martin Crooks, of Crooks Suzuki is a massive fan and regular contributor. Legend in the world of classic bike racing. I am honoured to have him on board and flying the GFOSB flag.

See my other posts relating to the fun small bikes bring.

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