First ride of 2020

It’s unfortunately been a late start this year. Against doctors orders, I desperately needed a bike fix and fancied meeting some of the East Kent Classic Motorcycle group for the Sunday morning bacon butty and coffee at the iconic Deal Beach Parlour seaside cafe.

My other half’s little red Suzuki FZ50 was the chosen ride this morning. Comfy and perfect for a short run to the beach on the sunny but chilly January morning.

Keen to get out, I started her up with a couple of kicks and shot off up the road. The FZ sounds like a little Kenwood mixer, whilst grinning I gently accelerated into second gear and up to 30mph leaving a trail of blue smoke in the chrome mirror. That gear change is so smooth and cool. If you have ridden an FZ you will know what I mean. I cut through the alley way as there is an unwritten rule that you can on one of these… The dog walker smiled as he stopped to let me pass. I always forget how good the brakes are on this little bike. Maybe because it’s so small or I am just not going that fast but it stops on a sixpence! I didn’t go the scenic route this morning. It was a bit cold and I just fancied taking it easy. The most exciting part was over taking a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) on the railway bridge as I cruised into Deal. I was as usual the first one there. Only me and a few seagulls plus the odd New Year runner at 9am on the promenade this morning. Perfect compulsory photo opportunity…as you do!

The iconic Deal Pier

I took the time to just sit and be mindful. I do love our town, having lived here for over 30 years there are things you miss when your rushing about in day to day life. This is where the small bikes come in. You break away from the norm and do things differently and at a nicer pace.

After 20 mins or so I hear the distinctive rumble of Honda four stroke engine burbling along the seafront. Colin pulls onto the promenade on his little red CG125 cafe racer. He jumps off and puts his hands straight on the shiny chrome megaphone to warm up.

I was presented with a new EKCMCC Bacon club T-shirt. Fantastic hey. I love these Sunday mornings. Colin has kept the East Kent Classic Club alive after all the clickyness and politics you seem to get amongst bikers and various groups. A good handful of us original lot still get together most weekends for a natter over breaky which is cool. That’s my ethos for GFOSB. Just have fun and ride what you want to ride. Simple.

“Bart” Simson
Father and son out together

A few other bikes arrive, a few more and then a couple more. Before we know it there is a selection of 15 random bikes in a row on the promenade. Puch maxi’s to a pink custom Honda C90! Fantastic to see such a turn out so early in January. Most of all the bikes are classic and all but two were small bikes! Dosen’t that just prove something?

We chat bollocks in the cafe for an hour or so and enjoy some grub. Then all disperse home to the other halves to do DIY, shopping, and look after the grand kids for the Sunday afternoon.

What a nice little start to 2020 on the bikes. I hope there’s plenty more days like these.

If your into classic bikes or live locally in South East Kent. Check out the East Kent Classic Motorcycle club which has been going since around 2014. We are a friendly bunch. Pop along and say hello. All classic bikes are welcome.

See my other posts relating to the fun small bikes bring.

2 thoughts on “First ride of 2020

  1. Enjoyed reading that thanks.

    It spurred me on to get the C90 out and visit Southend seafront today. It’s only 5 miles from home but I managed over 30 miles in all.


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