Great fun on small… Paramotors!

Slightly off topic some might argue… But as a lover of all small capacity engines. Two stroke especially being my favourite, my little Italian “Vittorazi” Moster 185cc outfit kind of fits the bill nicely. Exactly the same size engine as Tim’s lovely old little Suzuki GT185! The Moster produces 25 HP compared to the Suzuki’s 21 HP. Both great in their own right. However with a nice expansion on the GT, I reckon it would win on power.

This compact little Moster engine attached to the P.A.P frame and harness make a great combination for learners to professional pilots. Weighing in at about 30KG in total on your back. However this becomes weightless in the air and you sit back in the chair, relax and enjoy the ride.

Wheels are not included this time round, but similar to some of my small bikes it does still travel quite slowly – at only around 45mph give or take depending on wind strength and direction. Unlike a bike engine though, you don’t ride this contraption, it straps to your back – and it rides you!

The only engine control is the throttle to increase altitude. Letting off the throttle means you glide down. Steering is by pulling toggles and controlling the wing. Speed is also controlled by altering the angle of the wing. It is a very simple concept really once you’ve mastered take off and landing! We travel a lot together in the summertime. To be honest when it comes to a decision between a bike ride or a fly it is a tough one!

Flying with mates is just like riding with mates!

After almost 2 years I now have full trust in this fantastic little motor. The highs and lows of our time together can be breathtaking yet sometimes still scary. But no more so than when on the bike. It is peaceful and picturesque almost every time we go out flying. There is no traffic to contend with. Only the odd cloud or sometimes a helicopters down draft to avoid. Running out of petrol is a slightly bigger issue than when on a bike though and you definitely need to have a wee before you set off!

Complete freedom like I have never experienced before

“Distraction is the opportunity to realise we can choose to be present again” – unfortunately not mine!

Cloud surfing

Mental health is a hot topic these days. Mindfulness is something I am learning about and I believe is a good tool for dealing with the daily stresses. I like the concept of taking yourself out of every day life for an hour and fully concentrating and relaxing, enjoying something that quite literally pre occupies every part of your mind. I never think about work, or what I need to do tomorrow when I am in the air. I guess motorbikes are similar in the same sense for many, but in my opinion you never are as quite removed when riding a motorcycle as paramotoring.

“The field” has become a great social circle and meeting place. There is always someone about practicing. Motorbikes also seem to be a common interest among pilots. In fact, I found out about this sport at a bike meet after meeting Simon for the first time. It is funny how life pans out. I often wonder, if I hadn’t gone out on my bike that night…?

If this is something that appeals to you, do it! Find a club or flying school nearby. It is probably the cheapest way of flying. Please get some proper lessons and advice before buying equipment or just having a go as there is lots to consider before take off!

See my other posts relating to the fun small bikes bring.

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