Dont let me down Olive…

An update on the Elephant Rally preparation which is now only weeks away. See the original post here

I today heard from Dave and was excited when he told me of his plans to ride the MZ ETZ 250 in the spirit of GFOSB. More so because as mentioned in the previous post, back in the 90’s his old MZ broke down and never made the winter rally. This is subject to a few hundred mile ride out before hand to build confidence again. Until that time the Honda Deauville remains the back up bike. Dave has owned this bike for a few years now (which is good for him!) and so trips like these, the bike becomes quite sentimental.

He’s already been “adventurising” the MZ ready for the rally. As an ex Army bloke, the colour and the ammo box luggage system is quite fitting . Hand guards, heated grips possibly and a few ancillary 12v supplies for sat nav and phone charging etc are to be installed in the coming days. He’s had the fuel system apart this morning and checked the ignition over and changed the spark plug. After a quick run round the block all appeared to be working well. The bike unfortunately broke down last year on the way to an MZ rally in Holland when the coil failed. I do understand his concern about riding the 1600 mile round trip again. But hundreds of other like minded MZ riders will attend the rally and it will be a real achievement for “Olive” to accomplish this one.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try again”

Great to see and fingers crossed Dave for the trial run soon. Perfect company for my Honda CRF250 to plod down to Germany with. I really can’t wait now!



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Elefant Rally 2020

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