Everyone needs a man..cave

It’s winter, it is cold, wet and dark outside. Not much is really happening in the small bike world. Most evenings and weekends are spent at home tinkering with bikes in the shed. Sheds are wonderful places were we go to escape the outside world and enjoy your time on our own. Sometimes it’s nice just to sit out there and do absolutely nothing and just ponder life. Other times you have a list as long as your arm of things to fix and bikes to restore. With some music playing and a cuppa or few beers stuff gets done!

Over the last year or so, I have noticed on social media the booming craze in “Beer sheds and Man caves”. See the popular facebook group where people share build progress and ideas online. https://www.facebook.com/groups/524863404349906/ People are now building proper pubs and life size toy boxes in their back gardens. A shed on the outside and a unique and personal place to store and display things they are interested in on the inside. Maybe a collection of classic motorcycles, memeribilia relating to their hobbies. Or maybe collectables from the era they grew up in. These sheds are often top notch home built entertainment venues to enjoy time with family and friends. I suppose with the cost of alcohol at almost £5 a pint in most places (down South at least), then why not build your own bar? I am not talking about merely sitting drinking from cans of beer in a shed at the bottom of the garden. I mean proper themed bars with beer pumps, fruities, media systems, a pool table and a dart board. At least the other half knows where you are when you pop out for a pint!

I am lucky to have a garage on the side of the house but this year want to build a dedicated bike themed “man cave”. Can you even say that anymore? Person cave then… It dosen’t quite sound the same ring to it. I apologise for not being “Gender shed neutral” and continue on. New build homes tend to have smaller plots and so this build would make much better use of the unused garden leaving a nice space for a BBQ and patio area with outdoor seating.

The man cave could be workshop, a show room for many little classic bikes. A place for friends to hang out when they visit. Somewhere I can contemplate life and chill after work on my reclaimed leather Chesterfield sofa. The options and ideas are endless. Custom bikes are so last year, custom sheds are the way forward!

Nicely done!

Focusing more on riding in 2020, rather than another project bike I am looking forward to this build. It’s quite exciting having never built a shed from scratch. A blank canvas and endless options.

We have all had sheds before. They were often not quite laid out the way you we wanted them to be. Never quite warm enough in the winter or positioned in the right place in the garden for the summer. I hated having to walk miles in the dark to get to my shed at the old house. The cold concrete floor in the winter made it not enjoyable to work in. Windows were not considered last time and it lacked natural light. All these things will be taken into consideration with the new build. Any advice or tips are welcome too!

My Blank canvas…

After picking up a lovely set of UPVC French doors for free from a builder renovating his new home – its given me an idea… Can I build this shed from freebie surplus building materials? Or for very little expenditure. The ultimate up-cycle project!

Whilst researching, I googled “how to build a shed’ for some tips and a DIY YouTube legend appeared. After being distracted watching various of his latest contraptions Colin Furze provided some great tips for my shed https://youtu.be/LP67MAoihZk. Have a look for yourself!

If this idea interests you or you’re a lover of small motorcycles please follow for regular updates or join GFSOB.

3 thoughts on “Everyone needs a man..cave

  1. My own experience is that if you have a van it helps! My own workshop and bike stores were all built from free timber sourced from a local site hoarding company who were delighted that I took away material that would otherwise be fed into their compactor. They would ring me when they had a heap for me, I would pop over on the bike and dismantle it then go back with the van to collect it all.
    I also had a similar arrangement with a window company and picked up used UPVC sashes which were fixed without frames including 2 large ones which have been reused as rooflights.
    My own setup has been altered and added to over the years and now resembles a miniature industrial estate (at the bottom of an ex Council House garden). Last year I was investigated by the Council for having built business premises (nasty neighbour) and the result was no case to answer.
    Go for it! Such a satisfying feeling when it’s all done.


    1. Thanks Chris. I have a van and am thinking along very similar lines by the sound of it! I do need to be a bit careful about size etc as I have a couple of neightbours who could be a pain…


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