No small excuse…

Everyone should own or have access to a small bike. At the very least, should have by now experienced the fun and freedom in riding a small bike at some stage in their life, either on holiday or when they were younger. For many around the world small bikes are a necessity to survive or for commuting to work. For more fortunate others they are weekend toys or budget adventure machines.

A wet day and still smiling!

Cost is not really a valid argument to dismiss a small bike. They can be picked up for the same price as a half decent bicycle. There are thousands of 50-125cc bikes out there that can be ridden on a UK provisional licence or even on your existing car license. Some may need to complete a one day Compulsory Basic Training course which costs around £120 and lasts for a couple of years. This allows a learner to ride with L plates. In the UK certainly Tax, MOT and insurance are not expensive. See the DVLA website for more information. Free motorcycle parking where ever you go is a massive bonus. Cheap servicing costs, you can do it at home yourself even with minimal mechanical knowledge. It’s a friendly scene and help and advice is always at hand. The internet has all the information needed for free. Popping into town has never been easier. All combined at around fifty pence a day they are incredibly cheap transport! What do bus passes and taxis cost these days, I dread to think if you tallied that up over a year…

Help is available.

Recently I spotted on social media a scheme in Kent aimed at helping get people living in rural areas with no public transport mobile again. What an absolutely fantastic idea. See the link if this could help you or someone you know. Contact your local council to see if there are any similar schemes in your area.

Where would I keep it? A question often asked. Ideally a garage, but if you have a garden with a shed or just a decent cover will suffice. The main issue really these days is security. Motorbike theft in the UK is now unfortunately rife. Out of site out of mind is the answer. A big hefty chain and a lock secured to a ground anchor will stop or slow them down in just picking it up and carrying it away. As many as possible deterrents is best.

Safety. The concerns associated all come under one umbrella. I am almost certain that statistics would suggest bigger bikes are involved in more serious and are generally more likely to have an accident. Probably due to the higher speeds, more miles covered and busier main roads that are ridden.

“Small cost for big fun”

With a decent helmet, gloves and a warm textile protective two piece jacket and trousers on a small bike you feel quite protected from the elements and risks associated.

Fancy a change from the norm and doing something fun?

Imagine in the summer months leaving the car at home and riding into work. Those sunny warm days, fresh air and avoiding the traffic. The daily commute has never been so fun! Before you know it you’d be leaving early to go the scenic route.

Bikes are however not just for commuting. The riding opportunities are endless if you enjoy riding a small bike. Sunday rides with likeminded friends, weekends away, touring holidays in the sun. A whole new lifestyle!

If you know someone who has considered a bike in the past but needs a kick. Please share this post with them. Give this a thought for 2020. We need to inspire more people to ride and keep biking alive.

See the other posts below relating to the fun that can be had with small bikes. If you’re a facebook user be sure to join the GFOSB group for regular updates and rides out.

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