The Chilenden Mill

This little white corn mill located at Chilenden, South East Kent has become a real selfie spot for GFOSB riders! It’s been there since 1868 but has probably never had so many visitors as in the last year or two. A certain EKCMCC member took a photo and it just spiralled- pardon the pun! A perfect location for a ride out too on small bikes. Somewhere great to stop for a natter and enjoy the scenery in the Kent country side.

Facebook has fuelled the urge to visit and it is now very well known amongst local bikers. There is even a Chilenden Windmill Appreciation Group on facebook!

“Chillenden windmill is a white open-trestle post mill with four spring sails carried on a cast-iron windshaft. The windshaft carries a cast-iron brake wheel with a wooden rim. The brake wheel has fifty wooden cogs, driving a cast-iron wallower on a cast-iron upright shaft. This carries a cast-iron great spur wheel which drives two pairs of underdrift millstones in the head of the mill. The mill formerly had a maize kibbler, but this was removed when the mill was restored in 1958. The mill is winded by a tailpole”. – Wikipedia

“Its great to see so many people out on small bikes”

It is great to see people out exploring the countryside. If ever you need an excuse to jump on the bike and go and find the Mill! Maybe you have just bought a new bike that hasn’t had a photograph yet? On a sunny day you are likely to meet other bikes nearby.

What iconic landmarks do you have in your local area that would make a nice small bike photo opportunity? Get searching and take a picture and share it on the group!

The craze started becoming a bit of an addiction and bikers found themselves visiting when not even on their bikes! What does the local farmer think is going on at the Mill?

Dave has developed a bit of a Windmill obsession and travelled to Holland for a bigger fix!

If you like small bikes or windmills…. No you don’t have to like windmills really! but come and join us GFOSB riders. We are always looking for fun and adventure on smaller bikes.

See the latest blogs below. You are also welcome to join the GFOSB facebook group.

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