The ultimate budget adventure bike?

A hundred million people can’t be wrong. Simple, light weight and reliable Honda engineering. The economical and basic design 4 stroke OHC engine design is proven. With go anywhere performance and adventure capabilities. You only have to skim through the GFOSB facebook group photos to see the popularity of these little bikes and their adventures. No wonder it’s the peoples choice around the world today, still..

They have been around since 1958. Several models were produced with different engine sizes over the years. Other than updating the electrics to 12v nothing much has changed in the basic design. Many would argue, the most popular being the 12v C90. This model was made between 1985-2002 and was certainly a hit in the UK. With now “classic” or “retro” status. Often still used as commuter bikes or by London cabbies for the famous “Knowledge” test. Despite the prices now creeping up they are still common on the UK roads today. Grab one while you can!

Famously nick named the “chicken chaser” after being used as field bikes as kids, or “stomp” owing to the simple gearbox design whereby you stomp up and down through the gears without a clutch. I am sure there are many other names out there for these amazing little bikes! What fun they are! What do you remember them being called?

The choice for many GFOSB riders as a weekend “fun bike” or “winter hack”. Often pictured in fords, or crossing rivers! Suddenly when you ride one of these the adventure comes out in you and before you know it your green laning or riding charity challenges up and down the country.

These bikes have a huge following. Like the “Mini”, they are iconic and everyone has owned or seen one before. The famous red or blue colours and white leg shields are what most think of when someone says Honda Cub.

“You meet the nicest people on a Honda”

Cheap to own, run and maintain is what makes them the choice for many. Parts or even complete engines are available on the shelf all around the world. Servicing and maintenance is able to take place at the roadside with basic mechanical knowledge. The C90 is the only 4 stroke engine I have ever rebuilt and set up completely myself!

The bikes are simple to accessorise or modify for that trip we’re all planning to do-one day! Thats half the fun of it isn’t it? Installing auxiliary fuel tanks for long distance rides through desert conditions. Strapping luggage to every available part of the frame, just incase we need it. Nobbly tyres are a must for fun in the snow and mud.

Robs well travelled 70 all prepped for the Elefant Rally

There are a few overland C90 celebs out there who have travelled the world on these little bikes. You must have heard of Ed March and Rachel Lasham. Have a look on youtube at C90 Adventures. I guarantee you will rush out and buy one and then cable tie a shopping basket to the front! I hope you have your passport ready…

Ed and Rachel

For about the cost of a set of BMW hard luggage, you have just built yourself the equivalent of a GS 1200 adventure bike. The little Honda can do everything the same and more, but obviously at a much slower more enjoyable pace! I know which one i’d rather pick up when I fall off in that muddy rut miles from civilisation…

After such a successful bike, Honda released the Super Cub 125. The reviews are fantastic and you can buy a new one in the UK currently for about £2600 – bargain adventure bike! Would you be taking one of these on your next adventure?

If all of this small bike talk of fun and adventures interests you. Follow the GFOSB facebook group and have a read of the other blogs below…

4 thoughts on “The ultimate budget adventure bike?

  1. Nice pic of Rob and Steve Watkin. Sorely missed as he was the instigator of many rides, sometimes on the spur of the moment, the best kind.


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