Monkey business

If you like having great fun on small bikes. You can’t get much smaller and cooler than the ultimate pocket bike from Honda. These have always been popular and great fun to ride. Since the release of the new 125cc Monkey the craze has reignited and they are now often seen tearing about with oversized riders grinning in their open face lids!

Having never owned one myself, the Monkey is on the wish list! But which would you go for? An old genuine classic monkey, a Chinese Skyteam replica oozing in 00 Racing accessories? Or if your lucky pop out to your local Honda dealer and buy the latest model?

The new Monkey is one of the retro fleet of bikes produced by Honda. With it’s stylish looks taken from the old model and modern performance using the same 125cc four stroke engine as the Supercub. The reviews are great and there is already a massive following for these. A future classic? I reckon so… Now.. what colour are you going to go for? Yellow is so cool, but then again so is red…

Skyteam seem to be the most popular of the Chinese replicas. They produce popular models such as the Dax and Gorilla. Cheap as chips, reliable and after swopping the decals for some Honda replica ones you have yourself a classic monkey for about two monkeys, or a bag of sand! Well worth considering…

Search Ebay and the classifieds and there are bargain genuine tax and MOT exempt Dax’s still out there for a reasonable sum. Classic and well built little Hondas with collectable status. People love these on display at home in their collection. Some would argue they are slow to ride but you can easily swop the engine for a bigger lump?

It is a tough decision if ever there was one. Based purely on cost the Skyteam seems the sensible option. The new Monkey is the most expensive but if your planning on riding regularly or longer distance and want the reliability, I would guess this is the best option. If your thinking of depreciation and classic status then the old monkey is the safest option for your hard earned cash.

Adrian at 00 Racing based in Kent is the place to go for all your monkey business! If you want performance parts, custom builds and rolling road set up. Check out 00 Racing online. You will soon be spanking your monkey with excitement!

Well stop monkeying around and go buy one! Rest assured it will be fun and adventure.

Don’t forget we have some Monkey bike T-shirts in the shop too!

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