Happy 1st birthday GFOSB!

12 months ago this group was created for a bit of a laugh as motorbiking had become a bit stale for me. Within a few weeks it was clear that there were many other likeminded people out there who just wanted to have fun and enjoy riding the smaller bikes and didn’t care what others thought! No silly rules or politics, just simply fun and adventure on any bike 250cc and under…

As I write this now, sat here in South Germany having just ridden to the Elefant rally in the freezing cold and wet January weather on a 249cc Honda I realise I wouldn’t have ever done this if it hadn’t been for this group. Another trip is already in the pipeline, and maybe even on a smaller bike still! The seed is well and truly sown and I suspect Iam not the only one either..!?

Thanks to everyone for making this group so great over the last year. Almost 5000 members agree that small bikes are just as great fun as big bikes! There has been so much interesting and quality content, fun rides and amazing adventures shared from all around the world.

Extra special thanks to the admins Rob, Chris and Martin for all their efforts in keeping the group fun and friendly. So many people have commented publicly and also messaged personally on how this group is unique and so much better than many other Facebook groups and that makes it all worth it.

Again special thanks to Stephen and Mark and Chris who have taken on organising some new meet ups and rides in your local areas for this year. Keep an eye out on the group if your in Kent, Devon, Bath or West Yorkshire areas.

If anyone else would like to get involved too in organising a bacon butty meet local to you that would be great. Let’s get more people out riding small bikes in 2020!

Here’s to year 2! Cheers all 🎂 🍺 🏍

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