Dont let me down Olive…

An update on the Elephant Rally preparation which is now only weeks away. See the original post here I today heard from Dave and was excited when he told me of his plans to ride the MZ ETZ 250 in the spirit of GFOSB. More so because as mentioned in the previous post, backContinue reading “Dont let me down Olive…”

The streets of Catania, Sicily

In a hire car I battled my way into the centre of Catania on what seemed like the hottest day ever. The air con (on full) felt like it was blowing warm air out of the scorching hot dash of the little white Fiesta. The car’s thermometer was reading over 40 degrees in the midContinue reading “The streets of Catania, Sicily”

Great fun on small… Paramotors!

Slightly off topic some might argue… But as a lover of all small capacity engines. Two stroke especially being my favourite, my little Italian “Vittorazi” Moster 185cc outfit kind of fits the bill nicely. Exactly the same size engine as Tim’s lovely old little Suzuki GT185! The Moster produces 25 HP compared to the Suzuki’sContinue reading “Great fun on small… Paramotors!”

First ride of 2020

It’s unfortunately been a late start this year. Against doctors orders, I desperately needed a bike fix and fancied meeting some of the East Kent Classic Motorcycle group for the Sunday morning bacon butty and coffee at the iconic Deal Beach Parlour seaside cafe. My other half’s little red Suzuki FZ50 was the chosen rideContinue reading “First ride of 2020”

The Elefant Rally 2020

“Snow. Sub Zero temperatures. 10,000 crazy European bikers and plenty of German Beer” The Elephant Rally is a motorcycle rally that takes place in the Bavarian Forest of south eastern Germany, not far from Austria, usually on the last weekend of January or first weekend of February. It is organised by the Federal Association ofContinue reading “The Elefant Rally 2020”

Your first year of riding. Do you remember it?

My son was counting down the days to doing his CBT from about aged 14 years. The day finally came. I remember sat waiting in the car park to drop him off 30 mins early. His bike, a 50cc 2017 Derbi Sender Extreme sat at patiently waiting for him when he got home. No problemsContinue reading “Your first year of riding. Do you remember it?”

On 2 Wheels Magazine feature

December 2019 I was well chuffed to have been contacted by the editor of O2W magazine to take part in a page feature on small bikes. The perfect opportunity to spread some small bike love! If any other publications would like to run a feature, please get in touch. See my other posts relating toContinue reading “On 2 Wheels Magazine feature”

Small bikes, big following..!

During 2018 I eventually got fed up with motorcycle politics amongst friends and bike clubs. I believe ride what you want to ride and don’t let others dictate or influence your bike choices. In February 2019 the GFOSB facebook group was created aimed at promoting all bikes under 250cc to come together and share theContinue reading “Small bikes, big following..!”